Javaline is one of the tour & agency / tour operators in Indonesia, in charge of the tourism sector which is a legal entity in Indonesia. we also prepare all your needs which include accommodation, transportation, hotel reservations and tour operators specialist routes to the islands of Java and Bali.

Javaline itself is also in charge of one of the event organizers, out bond training, small or large scale family gatherings, all of our teams have professional certification licenses which include, TOUR OPERATOR, TOUR GUIDE, DRIVER SPEAKING ENGLISH, TOUR CONSULTANT, and PT. JAVALINE GROUP INDONESIA.

Javaline was founded in 2017 with a high commitment to making customers comfortable on holiday in Indonesia and upholding professionals in the tourism sector, therefore Javaline began to have a legal entity in 2021, as well as developing online media with TRIP ADVISOR for its promotion.

one of our founders is a youth from Tuban Regency. experienced in the tourism sector. He is the 1st champion for Indonesian culture and tourism awareness.

Aulina umazah
Ms aulina umazah / President Director javaline group Indonesia